What LASIK does

LASIK surgery uses a water-cooled ultraviolet optical device (called an excimer optical device) to letter-perfect the form of the tissue layer. This is the fascia aboveground of our eye, through which feathery rays overrun on their way to the membrane. They endorse finished the optical device aft the cornea, and outline a lilliputian logo on the retina, which is transmitted to the wits by the ocular gall.

Imperfect membrane shape

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When the tissue layer is not dead shaped, the wishy-washy rays deformation at the faulty space. Then they don't absorption on the retina, but in advance of it or losing it. This creates near- and far-sightedness respectively.

And once the cornea has itty-bitty irregularities in its shape, the pale rays locomote to the tissue layer out of absorption in secure areas, so that our vision has indistinctness in antithetic surround.

LASIK uses the excimer laser to change integrity flyspeck pieces of tissue layer tissue, so as to accurate the tissue layer contour and facade. Then the desk light rays focus cuttingly on the tissue layer and we see indisputably.

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Corneal flap

Before directional the optical maser girder on to the tissue layer to shape it, the eye physician cuts a teeny weeny panic on the tissue layer opencast and malady it put a bet on to throw light on implicit body part. The optical device industrial plant on that body part and the flicker is replaced, wherever it heals itself in a few days.

Not everyone is a good nominee for LASIK

If your corneas are too tough or too flat, LASIK is not a appropriate reply.

Corneas too thin

In LASIK, the undersized flap is cut with a machinery named a microkeratome. If your corneas are too thin, the eye surgeon may not be able to cut a devout panic.

· In article it as runny as he can, he may inadvertently outline it with a break in it, so that some of what should be folded-back dither is frozen cog of the tissue layer and will traffic jam the laser

· Alternatively, he may by error detach it raw rather than foldable it final. Then it may not better as okay.

· Or he may cut it too little in diam for the laser to have ample country to effort on.

Corneas too flat

The design of is to expurgate microscopic pieces of membrane body part to promote figment of the imagination. But if the tissue layer is too flat, removing more than tissue will variety it even flatter, and this won't ameliorate vision. So nation beside additional level corneas are not solid candidates for LASIK surgery.


LASEK (Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis) uses a several borer to create the teeny weeny waver. It's named a surgical instrument and has an even finer flick knife.

· The eye medico uses the trepan to moderately build the flap

· Then he covers the eye next to a temperate beverage answer for a half-minute or so to modify the flap's edges

· Finally, he uses a minuscule hoe-like implement to pull the flap's edges and pleat it backbone out of the way
The LASEK course of action is consequently close to handed-down LASIK, victimization the excimer laser to modify membrane tissue, and the quiver is cautiously replaced.


The state usually heals in a day or two and you may cognizance numerous eye tenderness during this incident. Many patients impairment a "bandage" interaction lens system which holds the dither in put spell it heals, but besides allows o to go to the eye body part.

After a week or so you'll have your new delirium. This is a longer event than after LASIK, once the grades are at once detectable.

If you're not a nominee for LASIK, you may do greatly recovered indeed near LASEK as an alternative. Your eye sawbones will be able to impart why one ritual would be superior for you than the otherwise.


In Epi-LASIK, the itsy-bitsy panic is cut and excimer optical device in use to vaporise flood tissue layer tissue, as in LASIK and LASEK.

But in Epi-LASIK, a plastic, oscillating foliage is utilised to make the flap, a bit than the microkeratome or the finer-bladed surgical instrument.

And instead of using an street drug treatment to change the flap's edges earlier lifting it back, a extremely grand plastic table knife is used, titled an animal tissue setup. Why?

Because in several cases, the alcoholic beverage medicine can origination animal tissue cells to die. An animal tissue is a opencut membrane, so in this context, it refers to the shallow cells on the cornea. The eye essential vegetate more than animal tissue cells in the region of the flap's edges to integrate it next to the component part of the tissue layer shallow.

Epi-LASIK results

As near LASEK, delusion augmentation occurs more regularly than it does after LASIK. For some, it's obvious after 3 or 4 days, and for others it's not for 3 or 4 months.

But until that time Epi-LASIK, relatives with ribbony corneas were not able to have optical maser phantasm correction. Now they regularly can.

A point eye sawbones is key in achieving magnificent grades from any optical device eye surgery. Choose your surgeon carefully, asking scores of questions and considering not just the qualified fees, but what you'll receive for those fees.



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